About Us

Immerse yourself in life as a Detective by identifying whodunnit.


Work as a team with family or friends to crack Cold Cases.
Examine evidence & witness statements.
Solve clues to track down the elusive perpetrators.
The perfect game for true crime and mystery fans.


The Cold Case Investigation Unit is the brainchild of former Leicestershire Police Detective Catherine Thompson.

“The idea began back in 1995 when the world was captivated by the OJ Simpson trial on television.

We hadn’t really seen coverage like it before and I thought how good it would be to obtain the case file documents to distribute to people wanting to play the role of juror at home.

The Idea stayed as just that while I completed my degree and then worked with young offenders for the next five years before joining the police.

Most of my 13 years in the police was spent as a Detective working in the Domestic Abuse unit as well as stints within various CID teams. Its fair to say I loved the job, I loved locking up bad people and helping victims of crime see justice.

Unfortunately so many years working with the worst society has to offer took its toll on my mental health and I began to suffer periods of depression. I reduced my police hours and I took on an events business running crime scene investigation themed school workshops, team building days and parties. I wrote new scenarios for each event and once again witnessed how enthralled and engaged people become in playing the role of detective.

Business was booming so I made the decision in early 2020 to leave Leicestershire Police and run my events business full time. I did just this and along came covid 19 to cancel everything.

The combination of nothing to do and nowhere to go along with random appearance of a TV programme about the OJ Simpson trial popped the idea of a distributable crime file back into my head and the Cold Case Investigation Unit was born.

I’ll be sharing my journey into business in more detail on my blog posts including the action taken against a former colleague who made a complete copy of my game and sold it under her own branding!! This action is still in motion and is providing material for a new murder as we speak”

Catherine Thompson