Who Killed Karen

Find the clues below

Murder or suicide?

Check out the handwriting in Karens notebook vs the suicide note – do these match?

Do you notice anything about the text message she allegedly sent her sister? Did she send this text or not? Your decision could affect the time of death.


Phone Records

Make sure you work out which phone records belong to which suspect. You can then use the cell site data to work out where each person was at the time of the offence.

Make sure you check if they had a good reason for being present before you decide they were committing the murder.

You may notice the differing length of some of the numbers – this is merely to render them unusable so that we are not bothering innocent people if you detectives out there choose to begin calling numbers! 

Suspect Behaviour

Everyone was annoyed by our Karen but is there any evidence that any of our suspects are unravelling? Look at the language used by each wherever you can – is this professional detached behaviour or is there any cause for concern? 


Did you crack the case?

Click here to see if your findings matched up.


You are about to reveal the true identity of Jenny’s killer!

Only proceed if you think you know the answers.