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Motivate and engage your team with one of our events

Let us come to you anywhere in the UK to encourage communication and teamwork with our bespoke CSI Detective experience.

Teams will compete against each other to assess a crime scene, conduct forensic experiments, examine documentary evidence and identify the killer. We create an authentic and immersive experience written and presented by real Detectives.

Fun and Immersive Team Building Events

Let Us Guide Your Team Through a Murder Investigation Played out in 'Real Time'

Are you looking for a team building event to engage and entertain? This hands on team building experience is written by a qualified Police Detective and personalised for your team and venue. Your team will dress in full CSI outfits - suits, gloves and masks - to examine a bespoke crime scene, analyse and forensically test a series of clues and interrogate witness testimony in their search for the murderer.

A True Crime Themed Event Written and Presented by Real Detectives

We use authentic investigatory forensic materials and the same forensic tests used by Police Forces across the UK.
Each scenario is written for you by a qualified Police Detective and all presenters are former or still serving police officers who are on hand to deliver the most realistic experience without actually killing someone.
Can you discover who has the motive and means to commit the crime?

The Finer Details

A True Crime Themed Event Written and Presented by Real Detectives

  • WHERE - Events take place anywhere in the UK - our team will travel to your location to provide the event
  • HOW MANY - Suitable for 10 - 500+ participants
  • VENUE - We will fit in with your venue of choice, we just need an indoor space that fits your team with a little extra for our crime scene to be created.
  • HOW LONG - Events last 2.5 - 3 hours although we can provide day and even weekend long activities

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