Cold Case File #5 Who Killed Karen?

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Well, well, well....we have another dead body on our hands. This is really becoming a problem here in leafy Leicestershire!

Long story short, our victim is (or should I say was) Karen by name and Karen by nature. She just loved sticking her nose into everyone's business and causing trouble wherever she went. She was found dead at her home by her sister who believes she was the victim of a murder.

Attending police officers disagreed and recorded this as a suicide due to the presence of a note and an apology text message so the case was pretty much closed there and then.

Thats where we are folks. Karens sister has asked us to look into this so here is the case. Can you help us with this one please?

We need detectives to firstly decide whether or not Karen died by her own hand. Secondly you need to work out which of our suspects had the motive, the means and the opportunity to do away with her. To do this we've gathered the original case file together for you, you'll receive witness statements, police reports, the autopsy, phone records, photos, Karen's notebook and a whole tonne more*

You can work alone or as a team to crack the case & come back whenever you're ready for the answer.

This is the only series of investigation games written by a qualified Detective. Its as close as you'll get to a murder investigation without joining the police or committing a murder yourself (& I wouldn't recommend either!)

*the evidence does not weigh a tonne

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