Clue Reveals Game#1


Alfred Bling

The sales leaflet discloses his business is losing money and that he is looking to retire

The insurance document shows he has insured the necklace for more than it has been valued at, surely he knows the value of his own necklace?

A story in the Daily Retriever newspaper shows Alfred and his wife have won a trip to Scotland this weekend.

They were many miles away enjoying the good life when this crime occurred.

Not Guilty

Belinda Jovanovich

Belinda is part of an international gang of jewel thieves and is just coming out of prison.

Her gang had sent her letters leading her to the hotel penthouse (hidden in the Dice Decoration) and details of the safe (the details of the cake Icing reveals details of the safe)

Belinda stole the car belonging to the prison Governor and drove it to London to carry out the theft.

She later saw an advert placed in the Daily Retriever newspaper by her gang members calling off the heist.

The stolen car GPS shows her elsewhere at the time of the theft.

Not Guilty



Helen Frews

Helen has been a loyal employee of Sazza’s who had been sacked without notice or pay for no reason.

The hotel incident list shows her and male guest ordering room service and arguing about the bill at the time of the theft.

Not Guilty

Mark Roberts – Ex husband

Mark Roberts is the ex husband of Sazza & is currently negociating an acrimonious divorce from her.

He is also owed money by Sazza which she has no intention of paying back.

Mark was with Helen Frews in her hotel room arguing with staff at the time of the theft.

Not guilty



Desmond Garcia

Desmond is a stalker who wants Sazza to acknoledge his existence.

Desmond was present in the hotel however was trapped in the stairwell and unable to gain access to the penthouse due to the locked top door.

Further to this he also had no means of accessing the penthouse room even if he had managed to get to the top floor.

We can see from the hotel incidents list that all staff were threatened with a warning should any more doors be found propped open. A later entry (9.30pm) recounts a staff member finding a male in the stairwell to the penthouse but that he did not have a key to the door. She went to find security and the male ran off. We later see Desmond leaving the hotel via the ANPR sheet.

Not Guilty

Gus Anderson

Gus is a good man who’s only intention on the night was to do his job and return the necklace to his employer.

There is no indication that he had any intent to commit theft and is the person who alerted police as soon as he discovered the necklace missing.

Discovered the theft and remained at hotel to speak with police.

Not Guilty


Suspect #7

Sazza Zachariaza

Sazza is universally recognised as a fairly horrible individual. Her behavious in making employees turn their back/ avoid eye contact echoes the rumoured behaviour of similar Divas JLo, Ellen, Diana Ross Et al

She is known to be suffering money troubles and owes both her ex husband and her former manager money.

She had anticipated winning an award at the ceremony and believe this would kick start her flagging career.

When she did not win she got incredibly drunk and returned to her hotel. Once in her room she decided to go drink some more at the bar and did not open the safe to return the necklace.

She passed Gus in the lift area however he complied with the rules that he was not to look directly at her and so he did not see that she was still wearing the necklace.

Once in the bar she comes across a ‘fan’ who takes a photograph of her. This photo can be seen on the instagram page Sazza’s biggest fan. The time stamp on the photo shows that it was taken after the necklace was reported missing.

SZ has the ‘guest 1’ room card while GA has ‘guest 2’ – this can be seen by the cards being used within a couple of minutes of their cars first arriving at the hotel.

Look closely at the times both cards re-enter the penthouse compared with what time the safe was opened Sazza never opened the safe.

GA did not see her coming down from the penthouse as she made everyone turn their backs when she passes by.

Further confirmation is on Instagram @Sazzareally – look at the photos tagged in tab and there is a timed and dated photo of Sazza wearing the necklace after she claimed to have put it in the safe.

She’s a bad un!


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