Investigation Advent Calendar

Find the clues below

When did Nick Disappear?


To discover who did Nick wrong we first need to confirm when he was last seen. By creating a timeline of his movements we can then create a timeline of the suspects movements in order to compare the two.

We have heard from various witnesses but who is right and who is wrong?

To be able to rely on a piece of evidence we ideally need to have it backed up by an independent source.

Focus on the statements of individuals who last saw Nick and compare their testimony to other evidence sources such as the phone records and bank statement. This will confirm the time he came to harm.

You do have a claim from a further witness who believes she may have been the last to see Nick however there is nothing to back up her testimony and, if you check the menu in the Daily Retriever, you’ll see that she got the date of her sighting wrong.


We now know that Nick went missing around 4.30pm.

Your next step should be be find out where each of the suspects was at that time. If they do not have an alibi (at this time) then they are still suspects.

It should be fairly easy to rule some of our suspects out.


Johnny Bezzle – the space flyer will tell you where he was. We know he attended as it is recorded that his health issues occurred shortly after leaving this venue.

Mary – CCTV footage will help you here

The neighbours – Where are those boys? Can we rule them out yet or is there more to come?

Rudy – he may have been late for his curfew but where was he earlier in the evening?

Elf – We know (from his appointment card) where he usually is at this time on this day of the week. Is there anything that may have prevented this from happening?

By now you should be down to 2 suspects…

You can read in the answers why Johnny Bezzle, Mary Kringle and Rudy Raynder were not involved but now you must decide – was it the neighbours or the ex employee elf Edward?

Did you crack the case?

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You are about to reveal the answers to Investigation Advent Calendar…

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