COLD CASE FILE #4 – Mission Possible!

Insurgents are planning an attack and our best agent is nowhere to be found. We need you to take their place before disaster strikes.

Join our secret service agency and work to identify who is going to carry out the attack, what for the attack will take and finally prevent it from happening.

This is a future attack planned for today so you not only have to work out who you also have to figure out where they plan to be to prevent the attack.

To do this you will- Examine the latest classified intel to locate the suspects

– Comb through numerous exhibits retrieved by our search teams
– Have access to top secret intel from our network of snitches
– Learn as much as you can about the suspects’ methods & motivations to eventually thwart the plan.


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Watch the evidence gathered below. Combined with the clues, can you identify the killer?

Watch the attack plot video. Watch Now

Listen to the voice recording of the snitch call. Listen Here

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