Clue Reveals Where is Nick Kringle


Mary Kringle

Mary is the less than devoted wife of Nicholas.

Years of never being put first while he panders to everyone else’s needs have taken their toll.

She had dreams of a new life with Rudy and needed Nick out of the way.

Despite breaking up with Rudy in the prison letters the couple reunited once he was released.

Rudy can be seen in the news footage of 14th December heading to Mary’s house. We then find that the adulterous pair were enjoying some alone time at the Imperial hotel at the time Nick was taken.

Not Guilty

Johnny Bezzle

Johnny has not made it to the top of the commerce tree without stepping on some toes or heads along the way.

He fiercely protects his empire and made various efforts to stop Nicholas from giving away millions of gifts every year.

Having recently retuned from a little blast around space Johnny was holding court at an exhibition at the National Space Centre at the time Nicholas went missing.

A short time later he was rushed to hospital suffering from space cooties. His near death experience has made him reflect on his greed and he promises to donate half of his worth to charity next year.

Not Guilty



Tom and Heath

Tom and Heath are living a life of misery due to the noise made by Nick’s workshop plus the smell and noise made by his team of reindeer.

The boys were celebrating their marriage at the time of Nick’s disappearance.

They raised suspicion with their taxi driver who misunderstood their proclamations that they had ‘done it’ however they were only talking about getting married.

Not Guilty

Edward Lee Foulkes

Edward used to be Nicks right hand man. He began dealing in prescription drugs in order to help Nick with the pain he suffered from long term back problems.

Sadly this led to Edward being arrested and imprisoned, he believed (incorrectly) that Nick had snitched on him and blames him for ruining his life.

Here is what happened (check the next box if you’re not sure how)


We know Ed had an NA appointment at the time of Nick’s disappearance however you might notice the venue details. There’s a story in the Daily Retriever detailing this venue being suddenly closed and all meetings cancelled until further notice. 

We can see from the map that Ed would be in the same location as Nick and unexpectedly at a loose end at the time of his disappearance. 




Randolf is the other man!

He is willing to do whatever it takes to win the affection of Mary Kringle.

This included calling Nick to let him know of the affair and coming round to the Kringles’ address as soon as he was released from prison.

Randolph was entertaining Mary in a room at the Imperial hotel at the time Nick went missing.

Not guilty

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