Clue Reveals Game#3


Martin Bills – Ex Husband

Martin has lived under the thumb of his domineering and greedy wife for many years however had divorced her and hatched his own escape plan to leave TDP behind and move to a new venue with his daughter Katie.

The statement of Tej notes that he left the building for a cigarette shortly before the fire broke out. Witness Dick Bemand saw him lurking around on the pier with some beer barrels as the blaze took hold.

Martin was lurking waiting for Henry to arrive to return the five barrels of Honey Badger Ale to him to teach Jenny a lesson about ordering goods and refusing to pay. He was outside the whole time.

Not Guilty

Henry Goodkid

Henry had delivered five units of his product to Jenny in good faith. Not only did she fail to pay him but she then tried to represent the results of his hard work as her own.

Poor Henry got a bit drunk at the ale festival and got to the bridge too late to cross via car. He parked up at the bridge car park and helped himself to a boat moored there.

We can see from the pier photo that the barrels were collected at some point however information from the boat owner Imogen Whine in the incident list tells us he picked the wrong boat. I doubt we’ll see Henry again.

Not Guilty




Former employee Lesley was sick and tired of Jenny taking money from her wages and generally being a tyrant.

Lesley was rostered on to be working at her new job at the Cold as Ice Bar. She was happily ensconced in her new team.

Not Guilty

Cerys Talbot

Cerys has repeatedly suffered noise disturbance since Jenny opened her bar. Repeated breaches of planning and licensing rules have pushed Cerys to her limit.

Poor old Cerys was found by an off duty paramedic in the West Point car park having suffered a heart attack. She was being shipped off to hospital while Jenny was meeting her maker.

Fortunately Cerys made a full recovery and will now go on to lead the peaceful life she wanted all along.

Not guilty



Rhys Summerheyes

Rhys has never been a fan of Jenny’s interfering. He is furious at her intervention in what he wanted to be a small and personal show but could not pull out due to the record company coming to see him play.

CCTV images show Rhys with a female TDP staff member locking themselves into the disabled loo during the relevant time. I imagine they were discussing the set list, either way it wasn’t him.

Not guilty

Katie Bills

Katie has been dumped by the love of her life (Rhys) as a result of her mothers behaviour. The divorce petition between Jenny and Martin describes an incident where Katie suffered a broken bone escaping from a locked room following arguments with Jenny. Clearly she was pushed to her limit by Jenny’s final act of greed.

The BC4 document notes that Katie told officers she had been watching rom-coms with her friend all day and evening however Dick Bemand reveals that he had been at the pub with his neighbour and her friend Katie. Cross reference Dick’s details in the Investigation notebook with the map of where Katie was when police found her.

Further clues can be found on the TDP Facebook page which appeals for information about damage caused to Katies car – this car is then reported speeding over the bridge shortly after the fire is ignited.

Technically speaking we would arrest Isobel as well – not least for assisting an offender but we dont need to worry about that just now…..We have our killer



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