Clue Reveals Game#2


Reg Queenie

None, there is nothing in the case file to imply that Reg has a motive.

He’s a good guy.

Reg was monitoring the boxing competition and conducting the prize giving at the time of Jokinda’s death.

This was his regular activity at that time during the circus opening hours.

Not Guilty

Gary Romsey

Gary is George Riley – Director of Bridgeville Mill and responsible by negligence for the death of 19 people in a 2016 explosion.

Jokinda was threatening to reveal his true identity which would have led to him being imprisoned.

Gary was at the fair and close by when Jokinda was murdered however the crime was committed by a right handed assailant.

Gary is guilty of attempted murder having sent Jokinda a box of poisoned doughnuts which would have killed her had someone not done it first.

Not Guilty



Michelle Matte

Michelle is lying about having treatment for cancer, she is doing this to generate cash via a just giving account.

Jokinda threatened to reveal this information if she did not receive payment.

Michelle was living it up at the Bogdale Spa and hotel when the murder happened.

Not Guilty

Eric Matte

Eric is a rogue trader who steals from vulnerable customers.

Again Jokinda threatened to reveal this secret to the world.

Eric was spending quality time with Annie in his car parked on Fernley Road when the murder occurred.

This can be found in the Spotted Goblinville document

Not guilty



Annie Northbury

Annie is having an affair with a married man which Jokinda threatens to reveal.

Theres nothing really to indicate that Annie would be driven to murder by this.

Annie was spending quality time with Eric in his car parked on Fernley Road when the murder happened.

Not Guilty

Gareth Picayune

Gareth is taking bribes from local burglars to look the other way as they commit crimes. If this information got out he would be very likely to get sent to prison which is not the nicest place for former police officers.

Gareth has no alibi and is the murderer

Despite being on duty he appears to have dodged doing any work and instead murdered Jokinda.

He tried to hide his involvement by placing love rival Eric Matte’s business card into Jokinda’s cold dead hand.



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