COLD CASE FILE #3 – Who Killed Jenny?

We are once again calling for Detectives to help us crack a case.

One of Leicestershire’s leafy suburbs has been mildly piqued by a murderer operating within its midst.

Unscrupulous businesswoman Jenny has been carted off by the Grim Reaper with the assistance of persons unknown. It could have been absolutely anyone in the community as she was a pretty horrible person however we can’t just allow murderers to wander around unchecked now can we?

Investigators have gathered phone records, witness testimony, autopsy data, officers body cam footage and loads more as evidence for you to use in your search for the killer.

Find the motive, work out the time of death then find the lie to solve the case.

You will need access to the internet to engage with recorded aspects of this game.

Minimum Age recommendation 12yrs +

Group size 1-6

No batteries required


Actual game contents. Latest reviews.

Watch the evidence gathered below. Combined with the clues, can you identify the killer?

Popular venue The Drinking Place is up in flames. Watch Now

Radio Leicestershire – Live from Police custody. Listen Here

Watch footage as Officers arrive on the scene and take eye witness accounts.

Phone call made by PCSO Radcliffe to the Detective in charge – listen here

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