COLD CASE FILE #2 – An Unforeseen Murder!

Calling all wannabe Detectives and true crime fans. Do you have what it takes to crack our second case?

The dead body of clairvoyant Jokinda Queenie has been found at a travelling circus. It seems she didn’t see her attacker coming…The police investigation into her murder discovered that Jokinda had a little sideline of blackmail and gathered enemies wherever she went. They hit a dead end soon after that discovery (much like Jokinda)

Can you identify not only the killer but what secret they were trying to hide? By playing this game you get to be a Detective, examining all the evidence and original case file documents to see whodunnit!

The experience has been created by a qualified Police Detective who has poured years of investigatory experience into creating this unique stand alone Investigation.

This game is perfect for individuals, couples and groups to play at home. You will receive a case file consisting of witness testimony, photographs, phone records and loads more.

This game does not need any batteries or any other materials.

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