COLD CASE FILE #5 – Who Killed Karen

Well, well, well….we have another dead body on our hands. This is really becoming a problem here in leafy Leicestershire! Long story short, our victim is (or should I say was) Karen by name and Karen by nature.  She just loved sticking her nose into everyone’s business and causing trouble wherever she went.  She was […]

Where is Nick Kringle? Christmas / Advent Investigation 2023

What could be more Christmassy than a potential murder investigation? By playing this game you get to be a Detective, examining all the evidence and original case file documents to find out whodunnit! The Christmas themed experience has been created by a qualified Police Detective who has poured years of investigatory experience into creating this […]

COLD CASE FILE #4 – Mission Possible!

Insurgents are planning an attack and our best agent is nowhere to be found. We need you to take their place before disaster strikes. Join our secret service agency and work to identify who is going to carry out the attack, what for the attack will take and finally prevent it from happening. This is […]

COLD CASE FILE #3 – Who Killed Jenny?

We are once again calling for Detectives to help us crack a case. One of Leicestershire’s leafy suburbs has been mildly piqued by a murderer operating within its midst. Unscrupulous businesswoman Jenny has been carted off by the Grim Reaper with the assistance of persons unknown. It could have been absolutely anyone in the community […]

COLD CASE FILE #2 – An Unforeseen Murder!

Calling all wannabe Detectives and true crime fans. Do you have what it takes to crack our second case? The dead body of clairvoyant Jokinda Queenie has been found at a travelling circus. It seems she didn’t see her attacker coming…The police investigation into her murder discovered that Jokinda had a little sideline of blackmail […]

COLD CASE FILE #1 – The Jewellery Heist

Calling all wannabe Detectives and True Crime fans. Do you have what it takes to crack our case? A necklace worth over £1,000,000 has been stolen, apparently, from a locked safe. Could it be the disgruntled ex, the twisted stalker or the organised crime gang member? By playing this game you get to be a […]